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Doctors and Patients Should BOYCOTT CVS PHARMACY For Human Rights Violations
CVS Health 7 day limit on pain medications and decreasing doses overrides the doctors
and jeopardize Sickle Cell Pain Patients Nationwide!

By Billy Earley    September 22, 2018

CVS Pharmacy announced they are limiting prescription pain medications for a maximum of 7 days and they will restrict the number of pills allowed for each patient to take daily. CVS has been on the forefront of attacking patients and healthcare providers since they were busted and charged with violating the U.S. Controlled Substance Act; stemming from the Florida Pill Mill epidemic. CVS Health has been accused of using Government Agencies, such as the DEA and Medical Boards to run doctors out of business by virtue of opening thousands of "retail" clinics in their pharmacy stores.

* CVS Health has restricted and denied hundreds of neighborhoods from receiving legal pain treatment. A Torrance CVS Manager informed Singer Kelly Price, "We don't sell these medications to people around here!" Kelly put them on blast and said they practiced discrimination.

* CVS Health trains its pharmacists to racially profile colored people and they frequently tell them, "Your doctor is under DEA investigation, FBI investigation, Police investigation, and they frequently tell patients your doctor is not licensed, no good, or he should be in jail. Billy Earley PA, sued CVS and Walgreens for this reason. They also called black people "Negritos" which was captured and published in the Wave Newspaper.

* CVS Health have threatened and called the police on a lot of people, especially people of color. Several of Mr. Earley's patients filed complaints after CVS Pharmacy called the police on them for no reason.

CVS Health has systematically and routinely discriminated against poor people and their communities. The entire "south central district" and many neighborhoods in Los Angeles are denied pain medications by CVS Health and their employees. These neighborhoods are where the vast numbers of Chronic Sickle Cell Pain patients resides and these medications are being denied to them, which corresponds with the alarming decline and increased death rates of Sickle Cell Patients. CVS Health and its employees have violated millions of peoples' rights and they have disrespected thousands and thousands of doctors and healthcare providers all over this country. The fact that CVS Health is overriding "your" doctor prescription is unlawful and you should write a letter to your "Congressman" and not return to CVS.

Links: 1. CVS Pharmacy illegally calls the police on patient:

2. CVS Pharmacy tells Singer Kelly Price, "Not in this neighborhood"

3. CVS Pharmacy tells patients their doctors are under DEA investigation, Police investigation, FBI investigation, Not licensed, No good, etc. (this is just one case).

4. CVS Pharmacy opening clinic and using the Government to point out doctors and run them out of business.

Mr. Billy Z. Earley, Physician Assistant
Healthcare Provider Medical Advocate
National Advisory Board Black Doctors Matter (BDM)
National Advisory Board American Pain Institute (API)
World Sickle Cell Federation Advocate Associate Advocate
Coalition for the Humane Treatment of Sickle Cell (CHTOSC)


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American Pain Institute (API)
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