2018 Pain Patients Advocacy Week

April 23-30, 2018


Contact: Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D., Founder & Chairman
             American Pain Institute (API)
             662-392-2016     662-247-1471
             e-mail: JuneteenthDOC@yahoo.com

             Virginia Brooks, Chair
             National Pain Patients Coalition (NPPC)
             e-mail: vbrooks3@hotmail.com

             Rae Smith
             Pain Resistance Network
             e-mail: pupperpawz@gmail.com

2014 pain patients rally
photo provided
Chronic pain patients Kyle Spuruell, David Byers, Constance Durkin, Gary Hoyle, Robert Wiley,
Sylvia Myers and Julie Bridges show their support for chronic pain sufferers in honor of Pain
Patient Advocacy week in April.

(Greenville, MS) - Chronic pain patients throughout the nation will advocate for their voices be heard during PAIN PATIENTS ADVOCACY WEEK, April 23-30, 2018

A annual pain patients radio day and a memorial service remembering chronic pain patients who committed suicide because of the unjust government crack down on their treating physicians, are among the activities scheduled.

Among the concerns and demands of chronic pain patients that will be brought to the attention of the nation during PAIN PATIENTS ADVOCACY WEEK include:

1. PAIN PATIENT BIGOTRY and PAIN PATIENT ABUSE must no longer be tolerated in the health care delivery system throughout America.

2. The leading cause of death from the abuse of opioids is illegal street drugs, including heroin, cocaine and fetanyl laced illicit drugs manufactured in Mexico and China, NOT prescription drugs written by physicians.

Chronic pain patients who are non-opioid abusers are not the cause of the opioid crises in America.

We demand that this be clearly articulated by the government.

3. Chronic pain patients are finding it increasingly difficult to find physicians who will treat them, leading to increased suicide, pain and suffering.

Chronic pain patients who are non-opioid abusers, demand that the government, law enforcement, the criminal justice system and state medical boards stop impeding their medical treatment by intimidating and persecuting physicians who compassionately treat them.

4. CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain must be discontinued and replaced by more scientific treatment recommendations.

The CDC guidelines clearly state that sickle cell anemia patients in a pain crises must be treated according to NIH guidelines, including opioid medications in adequate doses, hydration and oxygen.

The morbidity and mortality rate among sickle cell anemia patients have increased because treating physicians in hospitals refuse to properly treat them during a pain crises from fear of losing their medical license by properly administering adequate narcotic pain medications during a pain crises.

5. We demand a cessation, moratorium and investigation by the U.S. Congress concerning the persecution and criminalization of compassionate physicians who treat chronic pain patients by law enforcement, the criminal justice system and regulatory medical boards.

This especially includes the over prosecution of black and other physicians of color who treat chronic pain patients.

6. Chronic pain patients find it reprehensible that pharmacists are being allowed to practice medicine when they are encouraged by the government to refuse to fill narcotic prescriptions by licensed physicians.

It has now been proposed that pharmacists be paid by the government for turning in the names of physicians who they feel are over prescribing medications.

Chronic pain patients find such despicable, unprofessional and immoral actions toward physicians who write prescriptions unacceptable.

For more information, contact Virginia Brooks of the National Pain Patients Coalition (NPPC) at 662-702-3825, Rae Smith of Pain Resistance Network at 989-372-0556 and Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., of the American Pain Institute (API) at 662-392-2016.


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